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Healing its what I do

Woot and sry

Ok so I have been slacking on the blog end a little bit here lately and really there is no excuse to that other than yes chanze 2.0 did hit 80 and now I have been grinding out heroics at a break neck pace to be able to get the gear that she needs to enter icc10. In the day since she has hit 80 yes I have gone over a 4k gs and thankfully that does not include skill score which is its usual (or at least the usual for a half asleep chanze).

Ok for some reason that pic looks a little dark to me but there she is.

In the heroic grind fest I am finding all varieties of players. The ones that have no idea what omen is, the tanks that don’t know that if the damage is HUGE and avoidable that they should indeed avoid it, and the people that cant remember doing the regular heroics in blues and greens fresh to 80 and yea they just jet when they see me. The last one is getting much much better now at least. Oh and I forgot the tanks that don’t read party chat, and definitely do not look at the mana bar of the healer as they pull a boss when I’m at a quarter mana with all my cd’s down, and then wonder why something bad happened. The dps who has never learned the number one rule of WOW if there is something on the floor, except the blue circles on Iron council, GTFO, don’t whine at the healer for not getting healed I don’t heal stupidity, and if you want to stand in that HUGE whirlwind that yup will own you in a few seconds then that’s fine but I will be healing the tank though it not your although the tank should be running out away from the dps as well. It does not make me a bad healer to not heal you through the stupid things that are totally avoidable, it makes me one that has expectations of the dps to be aware of their surroundings, not just the big numbers on the screen. That’s it for me now its time for me to do my daily’s and start working on cooking as well as continue the dungeon grind. So laterz


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It has froze over

After 5 years of healing using grid and clique in old systems that could barely handle those two mods I finally got bumped on the system hierarchy to a gaming system that actually handle the mods that I have used for years and now WOW has gone and actually listened to their player base. Although I am not in beta, Matt over at World Of Matticus, has given one heck of a look into the healing UI of cataclysm.

And here it is in all its Glory.

Yes this is beta, at a point where no mods are a lot, but we now have an interface that will allow healers to do their jobs properly without any sort of disruption such as getting disconnected and ending up with absolutely no user frames and a raid.  I’ve only tried to heal via V bars once in my entire raiding career and it is something I never want to attempt again in my lifetime.

Hopefully, more on that if I ever received a beta key for cataclysm.  But then again, most times the blizzard gods hate me and smite me down by giving me the keys on that day or days before the beta actually ends.

Chanze Version 2.0 is coming along nicely due to AV weekends which is more overpowered in leveling than any one person can ever imagine as a holy priest.  We’re going to wait until she actually have decent gear before we attempt to take her into ICC, so it’s the least 1 to 2 months off.

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Another Day

Yet another day has come and gone and yes some things are much much better as in my GAMING SYSTEM is now back with some major upgrades. Love you dear for that one. As well as I had finally dinged over to 69 while questing this afternoon. Ok its official and anyone who can see my real id note knows I cant kill anything effectively as a holy priest so most of my afternoon in game was spent yelling hooting and hollering over that one. I am still searching for the perfect ui for me and at this point and time I am starting to think it really doesn’t exist, which yes can be quite annoying indeed. So if ya all find a good ui out there let me know and I will be sure to check it out. I am the type of person who wants all out bells and whistles on it while still having it very streamlined so I can heal effectively. Ok back to updating stuff such as the computer, and the other games which shall not be named, as well as installing necessary items to be able to play after its all said and done catch ya all in a bit. OH AND ON A SIDE NOTE: Just because you can turn into a bear doesn’t mean you can tank effectively especially when the healer has to blow an entire mana bar each and every pull to keep your rear alive!

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I have entered Northrend via the Howling Fjord. The quest aren’t too awful bad considering I am in mostly lvl 60 blues from ramps and blood furnace. But then again there was very little killing to be done in the first round of quest as long as I watched where I was going and didn’t strafe too far from the base.

Although the walk back from catacombs was absolutely grueling.  And that mace looks absolutely painful but it was over 100 sp upgrade from what I had so yea it was a keeper for now.

Ok on a side note one thing I am definitely enjoying with being alliance this time around is the fact that you have to actually read the quest to see what to do because otherwise you can spend countless hours just murdering things aimlessly without a clue.

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