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Another Day

Yet another day has come and gone and yes some things are much much better as in my GAMING SYSTEM is now back with some major upgrades. Love you dear for that one. As well as I had finally dinged over to 69 while questing this afternoon. Ok its official and anyone who can see my real id note knows I cant kill anything effectively as a holy priest so most of my afternoon in game was spent yelling hooting and hollering over that one. I am still searching for the perfect ui for me and at this point and time I am starting to think it really doesn’t exist, which yes can be quite annoying indeed. So if ya all find a good ui out there let me know and I will be sure to check it out. I am the type of person who wants all out bells and whistles on it while still having it very streamlined so I can heal effectively. Ok back to updating stuff such as the computer, and the other games which shall not be named, as well as installing necessary items to be able to play after its all said and done catch ya all in a bit. OH AND ON A SIDE NOTE: Just because you can turn into a bear doesn’t mean you can tank effectively especially when the healer has to blow an entire mana bar each and every pull to keep your rear alive!


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I have entered Northrend via the Howling Fjord. The quest aren’t too awful bad considering I am in mostly lvl 60 blues from ramps and blood furnace. But then again there was very little killing to be done in the first round of quest as long as I watched where I was going and didn’t strafe too far from the base.

Although the walk back from catacombs was absolutely grueling.  And that mace looks absolutely painful but it was over 100 sp upgrade from what I had so yea it was a keeper for now.

Ok on a side note one thing I am definitely enjoying with being alliance this time around is the fact that you have to actually read the quest to see what to do because otherwise you can spend countless hours just murdering things aimlessly without a clue.

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