Holy Healbotz

Healing its what I do

It has froze over

After 5 years of healing using grid and clique in old systems that could barely handle those two mods I finally got bumped on the system hierarchy to a gaming system that actually handle the mods that I have used for years and now WOW has gone and actually listened to their player base. Although I am not in beta, Matt over at World Of Matticus, has given one heck of a look into the healing UI of cataclysm.

And here it is in all its Glory.

Yes this is beta, at a point where no mods are a lot, but we now have an interface that will allow healers to do their jobs properly without any sort of disruption such as getting disconnected and ending up with absolutely no user frames and a raid.  I’ve only tried to heal via V bars once in my entire raiding career and it is something I never want to attempt again in my lifetime.

Hopefully, more on that if I ever received a beta key for cataclysm.  But then again, most times the blizzard gods hate me and smite me down by giving me the keys on that day or days before the beta actually ends.

Chanze Version 2.0 is coming along nicely due to AV weekends which is more overpowered in leveling than any one person can ever imagine as a holy priest.  We’re going to wait until she actually have decent gear before we attempt to take her into ICC, so it’s the least 1 to 2 months off.


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